HYDRA MASK – 500ml


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Hydra Deep Moisturizing Mask is designed for dry coarse hair. Its innovative formula helps to preserve the right level of hydration in the hair, adding softness, shine, and anti-frizz action to coarse hair that is generally difficult to manage.

Aloe Vera

Known for its resistance to high temperatures thanks to the high percentage of water in its leaves. It helps to preserve the hydration of the hair.

Cumin Oil

Rich Vitamins and used for its regenerative and nourishing properties. Its softening action also helps to smooth out the hair cuticle for shiny, soft, and hydrated hair.

Sesame Oil

Rich in omega 6, omega 9, and vitamins A and E, it has high anti-oxidant and protective properties, combatting free radicals and the harmful effects to atmospheric agents.

Sunflower Oil

Vitamin E, omega 3, and omega 6 have an anti-aging regenerative action, preventing the aging of the hair and keeping hair soft and supple.

No Parabens / No mineral Oils / No Gluten