HYDRA Moisturizing Conditioner with rice milk protein & almond oil – 250ml


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Hydra Conditioner restores the right level of hydration to dry and tired hair, giving it softness and hydration without heaviness. Hair regains its natural shine and is incredibly soft and easy to detangle.

Sweet Almond Oil

Rich in fatty acids and vitamins that deeply penetrate the hair shaft for thorough hydration and nourishment.

Rice Extract

Known for its anti-oxidant, emollient, and hydrating properties, it makes dry hair soft with the right level of hydration.

Camomile Extract

Helps to correctly restore the hydrolipidic film and the natural elasticity of hair.

Olive Oil

Rich in vitamin E, it helps to combat free radicals and the natural oxidation of hair, giving shine and softness.

No Parabens / No Silicones / No Mineral Oils / No Gluten