TARGETED ACTION DROPS with Tea Tree Oil – 50ml


Targeted Action Drops have innovative formula concentrates its action on the most critical areas to:
  • prevent hair loss with its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties,
  • increases hair density, help add strength and density of hair,
  • improve the ability of the follicle to absorb nutrients.
 Key ingredients: Tea Tree Oil, Glycol-Nettle Extract, Arnica and Caspian
Size: 50ml
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 Anti Hair Loss Intense Treatment Step by Step:

  • Pre-Treatment Peeling: Innovative drops to moisturize the scalp for better elimination of dandruff and excess sebum. Enriched with Tea Tree Oil, with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, prepare the scalp to absorb the K05 treatment.  Apply a few drops of Pre-treatment Peeling on the scalp 2 times a week before the Anti Hair Loss Shampoo and Lotion. Massage gently for at least 3 minutes especially in the most critical area. Use warm water to better distribute the products rinse well and use K05 Anti Hair Loss Shampoo.
  • Anti Hair Loss Shampoo: Specially designed for hair loss. A highly invigorating and stimulating formulation, that cleanse hair and scalp gently, removing the excess sebum and blockages in the hair follicles. Using the combined action of Glycol-Nettle Extract, Arnica and Caspian, it promotes blood circulation and enhances the bulb activities resulting in the re-growth of the hair. Apply to wet hair. Massage a small amount into hair and scalp. Leave in for two minutes. Rinse well. We recommend using the shampoo twice a week for 6 to 12 weeks for the best result.
  • Anti Hair Loss Lotion: Contains active and natural ingredients to fight hair loss from the very first application. The blood flow increases due to Caspian Extract, improving pilifera activities and promoting hair re-growth. Spread the content of one vial evenly over the scalp. Massage gently for the least 3 minutes and then comb hair as usual. Do not rinse. We recommend applying and massaging the lotion twice a week on damp hair for 6 to 12 weeks.
  • Target Action Drops: This innovative formula concentrates its action on the most critical area to improve the ability of the follicle to absorb nutrients. This Tea Tree Oil enriched formula contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which stops hair loss from the very first application. It also helps prolong hair life and increases hair density. Apply a few drops to the scalp daily in critical areas. preferably in the evening when the body is at rest and better able to absorb the product. Massage gently for few minutes. Do not rinse.

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