COLORE Color Protection Conditioner – 1000ml

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Color Protection Conditioner for color treated hair help to maintain luminous and intense color. The correct combination of shampoo and conditioner gives softness and elasticity to the hair. It’s anti-oxidant action, which combats free radicals, closes cuticles and prolongs the intensity of the color. Hair is shiny, healthy and easy to detangle.

Passion Fruit

Rich in Omega 6 and anti-oxidant properties, it combats the action of free radicals and protects hair from atmospheric agents, preventing color intensily.

Acai Oil

Rich in vitamine C and E. The hydrating, nourishing and soothing properties help to naturally restore the hydrolipidic film and preserve the hydration, luminosity and elasticity of hair.

Rice Bran Oil

Gives shine and hydration to its soothing properties. The natural UVA/UVB filters combat the harmful effects to atmospheric agents.

 Color Safe / No Parabens / No Mineral Oils / No Gluten