REALE Reale Intense Nutrition Vials, 12 x 10 ml


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Reale Intense Nutrition Vials are formulated for damaged hair that requires deep nourishing and revitalizing treatment. Use the Reale Vials in combination with Reale Shampoo & Conditioner to provide maximum nourishment to damaged hair. Do not rinse.

Royal Jelly 

The most nourishing ingredient produced by worker honey bees. Rich in protein, vitamins, and mineral salt, it acts to deeply restructure and revitalize hair fiber. It improves inter-cellular metabolism and prevents the aging of the hair.

Aloe Vera

Known for its resistance to high temperatures thanks to the high percentage of water in its leaves. It helps to preserve the hydration of the hair.


Rich in hydrating, emollient, and softening properties. gives softness and body, restoring elasticity to chemically treated and damaged hair.

No Parabens / No Mineral Oils / No Gluten